Quick Zone allows you to keep a time zone enhanced quick call list. Add any of your contacts, set their time zone and Quick Zone will display them compactly with all the information you'll need to quickly decide whether it's a good time to call or not.

The targeted users of this application are those people who have friends/relatives living in different time zones, possibly at great distances from each other. The goal is to help them decide whether it's a good time to call the other person or not, without having to think about the time difference.

Quick Zone keeps a list of your distant contacts, always displaying their own local time zone beside their name, so you'll always know at a glance what the time is. Should you decide to call, it can be done simply by touching the phone icon.

Your own local time zone is also displayed on the bottom of the contact list. This way if you're traveling a lot, you'll immediately notice whether the time zone is correctly set or not (since your contacts' times are calculated based on you own).

The time zones to associate with a given contact can be selected from 16 regions ranging from Europe through Asia to the Americas. Within these main regions there are approximately 500 sub-regions to choose from.

Quick Zone also has a trial version called Quick Zone Trial, which has all the features of the full version application with limitations placed only on the number of contacts displayed on the quick call list.

As of writing, the limit is set to 3 simultaneously displayed contacts. Should you try to add more, a pop-up message will inform you of the limitation. Of course old ones can always be removed and new ones added in their place.