Hello everyone,

Since the Android market allows only a very limited amount of information to be attached to a published application, the goal of this website is to provide the missing details: extended descriptions, user manuals, screen shots, change logs, tutorials, etc. in the hopes that this will both help an undecided person learn more about an application before downloading it, and also to help an already active user better understand the details.

The applications listed on this site are created and maintained purely as personal hobby projects, meaning that I will try my best to fix any problems/bugs in a timely manner, but don't expect heavy customer support or the likes. Still, at the moment I'm not aware of any bugs in my applications :).

Hope you'll enjoy using these applications at least as much as I enjoyed writing them. Any comments (both positive and negative) are very welcome, but please post them in the Android market. I specifically decided not to allow commenting here in order not to draw them away from the market (which is after all the primary source).

Have a great day, Peter.

PS: You can reach me personally at